Monday, 27 April 2015

Titans on the World Stage at Model United Nations

By: Rebecca Vukojevic
Photo Credit: Mr. Szczesniak

On Thursday April 23rd and Friday April 24th, students from Holy Trinity went to Toronto for SOMA. This two day event was hosted on the U of T campus and students from various schools all across Canada and abroad were in attendance. There were even schools from Calgary and the USA!

SOMA stands for Southern Ontario Model United Nations Assembly. From our school, we had James Condon, Madison McNevitts, D’Arcy Murphy, Joshua Volkers, and Rebecca Vukojevic attending with staff advisor Mr. Szczesniak. James was in the crisis committee which means he had the opportunity to re-enact and study solutions to the Mongol Invasion of China. The other four students represented the Philippines, and were in different committees such as the
Economic and Social Council (ECOSOC), General Assembly (GA), United Nations Environment Program (UNEP), and the World Health Organization (WHO). They were required to talk about three specific ongoing issues and reach resolutions with delegates from other schools representing the nations of the world.

The first day was long and tiring. Beginning at 9 AM, students remained in their respective rooms until noon. After the hour lunch was over, students stayed debating until 7 PM with the exception of a half hour break. At the end of the day, students took the GO train home to rest up for the next day. Definitely shorter, day two was just a continuation of day one. At 4pm, students were free to roam Toronto, and relax until the closing ceremony.

At the closing ceremony, there was a guest speaker who talked about what it means to be human. After this, awards were given out. Our own student D’Arcy Murphy won an honourable mention. Good job, D’Arcy!

All in all, it was a very fun and educational event. We were able to learn more about the world in which we live, and open our eyes to more than just what is directly around us.

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