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Editorial Team

Editor-in-Chief- Ema Brazdeikyte is The Titan Times' editorial leader. She is a grade eleven student at HT. As the Editor-in-Chief, Ema takes on a leadership role pertaining to the public appearance of the paper.
Managing Editor- Molly Pearson serves as the day-to-day leader of The Times who oversees assignments and takes notes during meetings. Molly is a grade eleven student. She is focused on maintaining the regular flow of news coverage from journalists.
Arts and Culture Editor- Sarah Asselin is one of three of The Titan Times' section editors. She is in grade eleven at Holy Trinity. Sarah supports the consistent coverage of arts- and culture-related activities at HT. Sarah regularly adds articles to the blog, including her bi-monthly book review feature.
Events and Lifestyle Editor- Ben Kwashigah is a grade eleven student at Holy Trinity. Ben's job is to assign and edit all articles concerned with the events and lifestyle news at HT. Ben often adds his own voice to The Titan Times.
Sports Editor- Izabela Pitula, a grade twelve student at Trinity, maintains the paper's sports section. She looks after the coverage of all Titans' athletics. Izabela contributes the weekly sports round-up every Sunday afternoon on the blog.
Copy Editor-  Carolyn Martinko is a grade twelve Holy Trinity student. Carolyn proof reads all articles to be published by The Titan Times in print as well as many special features on the blog. Carolyn contributes articles for online posting.
Publisher- D'Arcy Murphy is the founder of The Titan Times. A grade eleven student at Holy Trinity, D'Arcy has a passion for sports, comedy, music, and his faith. In his role as Publisher, it is D'Arcy's responsibility to oversee the paper's business and news operations and to post articles on the blog.
Staff Leaders- Ms. Keats and Mme. D'Amore make up our staff advisory team. They dedicate time and expertise after school to keep us on track and to add fresh ideas to the paper's constant content stream.


Arts and Culture

Headed by section editor Sarah Asselin, the Arts and Culture team is kept busy by Holy Trinity's lively artistic community. Journalists in this committee: Julio Balda, Taryn Bratz, Ben Kwashigah, Kristyn Farrell, Katherine Liakakos, Carolyn Martinko, and Joshua Volkers.


Events and Lifestyle

Ben Kwashigah leads the Events and Lifestyle team. These journalists are charged with keeping the student body up to date on the many special events at HT and also discuss student-related topics. Journalists in this committee: Julio Balda, Katarina Brkic, Kristyn Farrell, Katherine Liakakos, Yisu Park, Molly Pearson, Bianca Taylor, Rebecca Vukojevic, and Darryl Young.



Constantly covering the many successes of the Holy Trinity Titans, Izabela Pitula leads the Sports section of The Times. Journalists in this committee: Katarina Brkic, Kristyn Farrell, Adrian Flaherty, David Henein, Matt McCoy, Maddi McNevitts, Noah Polesky, and Darryl Young.


Photographers for The Titan Times  work closely with the school Yearbook Committee to to document the events and activities at Holy Trinity. Receiving their assignments from the section leaders, these individuals take photos at all events covered by the paper. Photographers: Hope Berk, Marco Hidalgo, Fadi Jameel, Julianna Kosturik, Rachel Matheson-Green, Madison McNevitts, and Hannah Ryan. Jordyn MacFarlane contributes original comics to The Times.

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