Tuesday, 28 April 2015

#HTRevolution Engulfs Holy Trinity

By: Darryl Young

Last week at HT, students led by staff supervisor Mrs. Rutkowski released their parody video of Taylor Swift's hit song, Blank Space. The group, better known as Team Revolution produced the video to raise awareness about the affect global warming, climate change, and pollution have on the world's oceans, and the finned friends in them - sharks. Keep reading for an in-depth interview with an expert on this issue and to check out the video everyone's talking about.


I sat down with Mrs. Rutkowski to find out more about her involvement with HT's environmental movement.

TTT: When did you start getting into environmental activism?

I helped run the Environmental Club with Mrs. McNabb from 2008 until 2010. After I had my daughter, life became very busy so I decided to take a break from extra-curriculars.

I have always loved nature! When I was younger you could always find me outside climbing trees and catching insects or frogs. After meeting Rob Stewart, I feel like he reignited the spark I had for nature as a child. It's what sparked Team Revolution!

TTT: Why did you become a high school teacher?

I always wanted to be a teacher but didn't know what I wanted to teach until high school. I really enjoyed chemistry and my gr. 11 chem teacher was a strong female role model who also taught math (like myself). I like Chemistry so much that I felt I didn't get enough homework! I'm proud to be NErDy! I do try to tell a lot of chemistry jokes but a lot of them argon!

TTT: Sharkwater or Revolution? Why?

Revolution all the way because it stemmed from Sharkwater. Rob Stewart realized while making Sharkwater that the problem we're facing is way bigger than just finning sharks.

TTT: What molecule will you be next Halloween? 

You'll have to wait and see! I have an idea already but will consider any suggestions. ;)

TTT: If you could give one piece of advice what would it be?

As soon as you stop worrying about people think of you, will you then truly begin to live the life God is calling you to live!

TTT: As a child, what did you want to be when you grew up?

I always wanted to be a teacher. I loved school so much that I remember waking up when I was in Kindergarten very early in the mornings and I would get myself dressed in the dark and wait patiently in the hall for my mom to get up. Then I would tell my mom that she was going to make me late for school!

TTT: Does it hurt you inside when people litter?

Definitely! I can recall seeing a man throw a bag full of garbage out his window while driving. I just couldn't believe how he could be so lazy and disrespectful! It still bothers me!

TTT: What can we do to help the planet?

Join HT's Team Revolution and inspire other youth to get involved in saving the planet by making more parodies! Watch Sharkwater and Revolution and share them with family and friends. We need to reduce the stigma of being labelled a "green" person because people are so reluctant to get involved even though they know what's happening to the environment.

TTT: What would you tell students to get them to help the environment?

We all know what's happening to the environment. We can't wait for the government to act. We must push government officials to act before it's too late! It's up to you!

TTT: Rob Stewart or David Suzuki? Why? 

Rob Stewart! He's my Lorax!! And he's so Jawsome!!

TTT: What's the best advice you have received?

I can't remember receiving any advice that sticks out for me. But I can say that the most important thing you need in your life is LOVE!

TTT: Where did you grow up?

I grew up in Mississauga and only moved to Halton when I got married in 2005.

TTT: Where do you see yourself in 10 years?

In 10 years I still see myself teaching but I also see myself being more involved with conservation and environmental issues. I definitely think that HT's Team Revolution is here to stay!! What parody should we do next year?

TTT: After accomplishing the Revolution video, is there any more dreams you still want to accomplish?

I now want to swim with sharks! I'm going to Costa Rica this summer for my 10 year anniversary and if my dreams come true I'll be swimming with the hammerhead sharks off Cocos Island with Rob Stewart!

TTT: Do you have a motto in life? If yes, what is it?

Always try your best because you never know where it can take you! Who knows...maybe Team Revolution will be on The Ellen Show with special guest Rob Stewart...stay tuned!!

Further viewing suggestion from Mrs. Rutkowski: Emily Hunter TED Talk - http://youtu.be/KsB2qtDaiRw

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