Wednesday, 29 April 2015

Ask Anonymous 9

Hey HT, Ask Anonymous here. If you’re wondering why the question you've submitted hasn’t been answered, don’t fret! Pick up a copy of our second print edition of The Titan Times next week and you might find that it has been answered in there! Until then, enjoy this week’s round of questions and answers.

Q: How to be accepted by everybody? There are few people who show kindness and appreciation in the large school body, so I guess the problem is in me? I don’t understand what is society’s standard. Any advice on how to gain respect and stop these rolling eyes around?

A: I’m sorry that you feel that way. Unfortunately, I don’t think I can fully help with that. The truth is that it is impossible to be accepted by everybody. Even the people who look like they have it all are dealing with insecurity, self-doubt, and hate from others. The best thing you can do for yourself is surround yourself with positive people, and believe me, there are a lot more than just a few kind people at Holy Trinity. When you learn to accept yourself and find people who you can be completely comfortable around, you start to care less and less about what others think of you. High school doesn’t last forever, so try to enjoy it instead of worrying about other people’s perception of you. In regards to gaining respect from others, just keep your head held high, be confident in yourself and your abilities, and of course, always treat others as you would like to be treated.

Q: I have an addiction to tacos but I’m getting fat, what should I do?

A: Sometimes we are the only ones with the answers to our problems.

Q: How to take a good selfie?

A: I feel like each person has their own preferred method. Maybe just try around with angles and choose whatever makes you feel confident.

Q: What do I have to wear to spring semi-formal?

A: Semi-formal attire is suggested, so nothing too fancy since it’s not prom, but nothing too casual since it’s not a school dance in the cafeteria either. A casual dress with heels or flats could work for girls, and a dress shirt and pants would be suitable for guys. Take advantage of a night with your fellow Titans without the uniforms and wear something you love that makes you feel confident. The choice is ultimately yours, my friend.

Q: Pray for Nepal

A: Of course. Keep these people in your hearts and prayers, HT, and visit the school chapel to pray as a community.

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