Thursday, 30 April 2015

Titans Fall Short to Wildcats in Rugby Home Opener

By: D’Arcy Murphy
Photo Credit: Fadi Jameel

Tuesday afternoon saw Holy Trinity’s first rugby action at home this season. The varsity girls' rugby team took on the White Oaks Wildcats. The rivalry match-up made way for a close game that the Titans came within a try of winning. The eventful game finished with the score of 22-17 for the visitors.

Early on in the first half, the Titans poured on the pressure, coming within a yard of opening the scoring. Scrum-half Alexandria De Sousa made an impressive run but was hauled down by the solid Wildcat backs. Gaining possession moments later, WOSS took the ball back up the pitch and a long, weaving run saw them score the first try of the game. After completing the conversion, the away team led 7-0.

The ladies were determined to get back in the game. Hard work from veterans Nicole Butkovic, Tessa Frendo, and Nicola Peel moved the ball up the pitch. The coaches noted that Delaney Dunford had an excellent first half performance as fullback. With a never-say-die attitude, the Titans were back within striking distance yet again.

The varsity team, made up of junior and senior athletes, has a big roster and the pack mentality is clear. The ladies encouraged each other with vocal leadership coming from the players on the field and on the sidelines. Against the run of play and momentum, White Oaks added another try to their tally, but were unable to convert the goal. WOSS led by 12 with plenty of time to play in the first frame.

It was now Holy Trinity’s turn to answer back. Kennedi Koves scored a try after breaking a handful of tackles. Ania Jaroszynski made well on her kick and edged the Titans’ score up to 7, thus cutting the deficit to 5 points. Koves scored her second try of the half and evened up the score a few minutes later. Holy Trinity and White Oaks were back to square one at halftime. 

The beginning of the second half gave White Oaks the chance to score their third try of the game. Following the day’s trend, the conversion could not be made and the score held at 17-12. Later in the half, Rachel Bolland answered for HT with a try of her own. The game was tied at 17.

It wasn’t meant to be for the Titans on Tuesday as the Wildcats scored a fourth and final try to take the game by a score of 22-17. The girls played an excellent game and are keeping in mind their teammates Alex and Rachel who suffered injuries and had to leave the pitch late in the second half.

The ladies take the field again on Thursday at Assumption for a tournament. GO TITANS!

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