Thursday, 16 April 2015

We Are Silent: Students Take a Stand for Free The Children

By: Katarina Brkic

On Thursday, April 16th, students participated in a paid civvies day to support Free The Children's We Are Silent  initiative. Around the world, there are many voices that are not heard. The unheard voices are the ones who are denied an education, the victims of bullying, people growing up in poverty, victims of gender inequality, and child labourers.

Several students took a vow of silence during the school day to let those who aren't heard, get a chance to speak out. There were students who also participated in other vows, such as a vow of no social media and a vow of no texting.

Everyone has a voice, and everyone deserves to be given a chance to be heard. Take a moment of silence today as a sign of respect towards these people.

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