Friday, 17 April 2015

Guest Speakers Share Inspiring Message with Trinity Students

By: Christian DaSilva & Izabela Pitula
Photo Credit: M. Keats (from Monday's presentation)  

On Monday, April 13th, the Grade Nines and Tens had a guest speaker come in and speak a bit about what our purpose in life is and a bit about his life before he became a public speaker and followed God. 

Kenneth Yasinki started out in northern Saskatchewan as part of big family, and every night before they went to bed they would say a prayer. Usually Kenneth would think of it as just another prayer, but one night, he decided to close his eyes, focus on God, and say the prayer with some real meaning and when he did this, he felt like he was surrounded by a cloud of forgiveness. Kenneth was shocked when this happened but forgot about it until a while after his life took a turn for the worst. There was one time, at the worst point in his life, while Kenneth was leaning over the edge of a bridge about to jump off, but then he realized that doing this would upset his family. It just wasn't worth it, so he decided not to and that was the best decision he’d ever made. Kenneth then decided to go back to school and learn some more, and this made him extremely happy and he kept praying like he did that one time with his family. One time, when Kenneth was praying after a good day, he felt God talk to him and tell him that this was his purpose in life: to be happy

Kenneth then decided to go around to different schools and social events telling everyone his story and that happiness is the purpose of our lives. The influence he had at HT was astounding and his experiences made for an excellent presentation.

Last week, on Friday, April 10th, Holy Trinity was visited by another inspiring guest who spoke to Grade Eleven and Twelve students about mental, physical and spiritual health and God’s importance to it all. His name is Domenic Inneo.

Mr. Inneo began the presentation with a few questions to get the crowd going. After that, he explained the learning goals he hoped that the students would achieve during the presentation. He told his personal story and why he’s doing the things he is today. At the beginning, Domenic engaged the students in a little discussion about health in the aspect of mentality, physicality, and spirituality. He talked about his childhood and the things that he enjoys doing to live life to the fullest. Inneo also talked about how sports played a key role in his life until the worst imaginable thing happened to him. Domenic had back problems for a long time, but one day, they changed his life forever. He was told by the doctors that his disc fell out and that his backbones were shattered. Later that day, he was told by specialists that he would never walk again and may require a serious therapy. He was crushed just like his back - he was shattered into million pieces. With a little faith and patience, miracles do happen. After a long grieving process of knowing that he would never be able to play sports again, Domenic saw a light at the end of the tunnel. He’s been praying every day since the accident in order to go back to a full strength. One day, Domenic stood up and met up with a doctor who showed him his X-Ray results. They came back perfect, because his backbones were back to normal. Domenic said that he couldn’t believe it, but as soon as he saw the small cross necklace on the X-Ray, he knew it was his result. Domenic Inneo said that when he heard the most joyful news in his life, he couldn’t help but pray and thank God for all he has done to help him out.

Mr. Yasinski and Mr. Inneo shared a similar message.
The moral of Mr. Inneo’s story is that God is always there beside us even if it doesn’t seem like it. He always listens to our cries. God always has something for you, a key to every problem, a light for every shadow, a relief for every sorrow and a plan for every tomorrow.

The guest speaker concluded his presentation with introducing his newest app that lets young people know that they are not alone with whatever they’re dealing with. The app called the “getIntact” helps people to experience continual growth and success as well as it helps us to find ourselves in this crazy world.

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