Saturday, 25 April 2015

Saturday Songs

Introducing a new regular feature to The Titan Times - Saturday Songs. We will routinely highlight a collection of our favourite tunes on the blog. Check out the link to the corresponding YouTube playlist to listen to this week's picks. Happy listening!

This song really shows how much Willow has grown over the years. Her artistic growth and the theme of the song makes it my choice for this week's Saturday Songs.
Willow Smith - Flowers

This soft and sweet indie folk song was practically made to be enjoyed in the springtime. I mean, with an acoustic and blissful sound, beautiful lyrics that paint pictures of nature and a name like Bloom, listening to it in any other season just wouldn’t do it half the justice.
The Paper Kites - Bloom

This song really captures the youthful vibrance of springtime. The song does well in the vocal department, but it also has very heavy production, which is an interesting mixture. Be sure to check out more of songs by Broods!
Broods - Evergreen

Lyrics like "don't think I want what I used to want / don't think I need what I used to need" brings feelings of starting anew, perfect for spring.
Marina and the Diamonds - Gold

These songs have been chosen less for lyrics and more about the chill and refreshing vibes. They are slow and good to listen to when you're in the need for a little relaxing.
XXYYXX - About You
XXYYXX - Breeze

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