Sunday, 14 June 2015

Weekly Sports Round-Up: The Final Score

By: Izabela Pitula

Well here we are - last weekly sports roundup article from me. Can’t believe this day is already here. It all seems like it was yesterday when I started writing for The Titan Times. The time sure has flew by.

Before we take a look back at the entire athletic season from this year, lets take a look what happened this past week…

On Monday, HT’s junior girls’ soccer team took on Corpus Christi in a playoff semifinal game. Unfortunately, the youngsters faced a tough season ending 3-2 loss. On the bright side, the team won so many tournaments this year and placed third in Volpe Division with 6 wins, 1 loss and 1 tie, therefore they should be proud of themselves! Look out for these girls next year, Titans!

Thursday, June 11 was the most awaited day for our senior girls’ fastpitch team. This is because they were playing in a playoff final for the first time in long time against one of the best teams in Halton, Iroquois Ridge. From the very beginning, the Titans played absolutely amazing. Our girls really showed who’s the boss on the field. They took the game 8-1 along with a Halton Championship! Congratulations to the entire team as well as the coaching staff on this phenomenal achievement. Good luck next year!

Throughout the entire sports season this school year, the Titan athletes put on an amazing show for everybody. From having a great regular season to making playoffs to winning tournaments, to becoming Halton Champions and finally to winning OFSAA, every single one of them put their heart, sweat, tears and blood out there on the court, ice, field, pool, etc. They represented HT’s black and gold so well that there is no doubt that our future opponents will be terrified of us in every aspect. If it wasn’t for a hard work, dedication, determination and a strive to keep going, this year wouldn’t be as great as it has been.

The season of 2014/2015 had lots of ups and downs. There were moments where our athletes wanted to quit, because something that they have been working on so hard for a long time, wouldn’t work out well in a deciding moment. There were moments where they didn’t want to get out from the field or the court, because they wanted to experience the moment of glorious victory forever. There were moments of struggle when they saw their teammate injured, but there were also moments of joy when that whistle was blown to begin the game they had such a big love and passion for. Overall the season of 2014/2015 was successful.

Every Titan athlete should be proud of themselves for his/her contribution to the team. By joining the team, you not only showed your skills and talents, but you also proved people wrong. You should all be very proud of yourself! To those of you who were cut from the teams, keep your heads up and never ever give up on something that you love!

Last but not least, I would like to thank all of you who have been following my weekly sports’ updates throughout the year. It was heartwarming to see that someone actually appreciates my work! Even though I will not be physically part of the newspaper family anymore, this club has a special place in my heart therefore I encourage all of you to join it, because it is an amazing experience and it’s a great opportunity to work together on a common goal with other student!

Have a good summer and good luck next year, Titans!!

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