Monday, 20 April 2015

Computer Workshop for Local Ladies

By: Rebecca Vukojevic

On Monday, April 20th, members of the St. Michael's Parish Catholic Women’s League had an opportunity to come to our school’s library to attend a Computer Basics Workshop. The Catholic Women’s League is a sisterhood that promotes the teachings of the Church. It advocates for human rights and recognizes the human dignity of everyone. The Computer Basics Workshop, hosted by the prefects, was created with the intention that everyone in attendance would become more knowledgeable about computers.

In our tech-savvy society, we often take our knowledge about computers for granted . For most of us, navigating the web seems as easy as breathing. Ever since we were little, we knew how to do the basics. However, some people simply haven’t learned yet! This presentation highlighted important aspects of a computer like how to search online, and how to download pictures. Some women even made e-mails and Facebook profiles! Overall, it was a very successful event and all the women learned something new about computers.

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