Wednesday, 15 April 2015

Ask Anonymous 7

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Q: What do you do when you have three assignments due in the same week and not enough time to work on them because of other homework, a part-time job, multiple extra-curricular activities, and trying to spend time with friends and family? Do you ask the teachers for more time? Is there a better option?

A: With the load that you are carrying on your shoulders, I think that a teacher would most likely give you an extension. If you approach them politely and let them know how stressed you are and how much you have on your plate, there is a good chance they will sympathize with you. Even though it may seem like it at times, a teacher’s job is not to make you feel helpless and buried in a pile of work – they are there to help. If you’d rather not ask the teachers for more time on your assignments, I’d recommend setting planned times to finish your schoolwork, or on a particularly crazy week like the one you’ve described, you may want to consider asking your boss for time off, as long as you give them sufficient warning, or try to switch shifts with a co-worker so you can finish your work during that time.

Q: Be my prom date?

A: For sure. I’ll be the one in the invisibility cloak.

Q: My friend is suicidal. He takes pills to ease the depression but I feel sick and awful that I can do nothing to help him out. What should I do? :(

A: Even though this is obviously a negative, terrible situation, the good thing is that your friend has received some form of help. Since he takes these pills it means that his family and doctor must know about it, and if you, a friend, know about his depression, he must have a support system behind him. I’m in no means an expert on this subject but I’d suggest that the best possible thing you could do right now is just be as supportive as possible, as his friend. Remind him that he isn’t alone nor will he ever be; listen to him when he needs you to and try your best to help him through this tough time in his life.

I recommend reading the websites I’ve listed below for further and more educated advice on how to be a good friend to someone going through something as serious as depression.

Q: The weekly sports roundups by Izabela are so good!! Keep it up!!!

A: Thank you for keeping up with our posts!

Q: What does a winning team look like?


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